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Die for Our Ship

Sometimes friends mean well, but the execution leaves much to be desired.

This story requires a bit of background.  Some time ago, a fellow writer tweeted about how people are forever trying to pair her up with a fellow blogger: “We’re not fictional characters you can ship.”  I liked that line and used it as a prompt, resulting in the bit of dialogue between the main characters here; the rest of the story was built upon that.  There is no intentional resemblance between the aforementioned bloggers and the characters in this story, so please do not assume any relationship.

The phrase “die for our ship” is a common trope in fan fiction.  I only indirectly used it here; I mainly used the trope from which it derives, the “fan-preferred couple.”

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Well, hello there.

Welcome to my new writing space.  Anyone who is following my other blog (linky-doo on the sidebar) should not fear that I’ve given up my snarky, church-skewering ways.  This is just me finding some balance and separating my fun, silly side from my serious, activist side.  I’m likely to update this about once a week or so with my goofy little stories.

I hope you stick around for a while.  If you’d like to add your own voice, just click on “Submit a Story” above and we’ll chat.  See you on the other side of the page!