WIPpet Wednesday: A Tender Moment

Happy Wednesday!  Here in western NY, we’re having a raging snow storm.  Everyone is home from school, and I’m lounging on the couch with my laptop.  Sadly, this may mean the concert I was supposed to play in tonight will be canceled.  Ah, well.

A bit of housekeeping: I’ve decided to take the plunge and purchase Internet real estate.  That means in preparation for porting my blog to its new home, I’m going to combine this one with my other one (where I write about faith/church/social justice).  A lot of my fiction falls in that category too, so it’s all good.  I just don’t want anyone to be alarmed that the URL is different when I post stuff.  I should have that all done in the next couple of days, so my next WIPpet will be on the combined blog.  The switch to my own site won’t happen for a while yet.

For today’s WIPpet, I’m returning to Phin’s world.  I’ll have my new WIP well on its way by April, so I’ll post more of it then.  In the meantime, I thought you’d like to read a nice moment between Dani and Vic, since the last encounter with them was contentious.  No special math, just a bit from the 3rd scene of chapter 12.

He looked at her, his eyes suddenly full of tenderness. “You’re a fiery woman. How could I not love you?”

She laughed and turned toward him, drawing him in for another kiss. This time, they didn’t stop, letting heat and need build between them for several long, intense moments. Eventually, Vic pulled back slightly to look at Dani.

“Do you need to get back?” he asked.

She shook her head. “I’m not in a hurry. Phin and Alex are with the kids.”

He eyed her. “And they won’t wonder what happened to you?”

“No.” She made a face. “And I hope they’re not trying to guess, either.”

Vic laughed and stood up, causing Dani to lurch sideways. She glared at him until he extended his hand to her, which she accepted reluctantly. He pulled her to her feet.

“Then let’s take our time,” he suggested.

He drew her up the stairs and into the bedroom. The early evening sun streamed in the window, muted by the partially drawn curtains. Slowly, they undressed each other, pausing in between to kiss and touch. They lingered, enjoying the freedom to be unhurried by their responsibilities and the need to maintain secrecy.

Many thanks to K. L. Schwengel for hosting.  Don’t forget to link up and read the other entries!


26 thoughts on “WIPpet Wednesday: A Tender Moment

  1. Wow, snowing again?! This has been an active winter. We’re finally getting some warmer weather in Maryland. Although I heard it’s supposed to be 30 degrees tomorrow night.

    This except is sizzling hot! Nice.:) I wonder why they have to conceal their relationship. Forbidden love is always interesting to me, as most of the hesitations come from cultural norms. Also, as I was reading I really wanted to see the kind of face she made. It might be something to play around with as you edit. 🙂

  2. If it’s any consolation, it’s starting to get colder on the other side of the world – so the warm weather should be heading your way…

    Nice scene too. I thought it was a lovely quiet scene – nice sense of intimacy. Well done.

    • This is the time of year when we’re at risk for ice storms. I’m just glad we haven’t lost power (yet).

      Yes, this is a peaceful moment a little over halfway through the story, just before all the crazy kicks in. 🙂

    • We stayed in, and now everyone is desperate to get out of the house. Hoping school is on tomorrow!

      Yes, I started my writing as a blogger rather than writing fiction. Sort of my way of processing my disillusionment with conservative evangelical culture, mostly.

  3. I’m curious about the forbidden nature of this encounter. And having Alex and Phin watch the kids? Oh, I can sense the issues that’s going to inspire already….

    Congrats on the upcoming new blogging home, Amy.

    • Thanks! I’m excited about this, but I’m nervous. Owning everything is a big step, and creating a web site is a ton of work.

      Yeah, I’m not entirely sure I’d leave my kids with Phin. Alex, definitely. LOL!

      • The amount of work depends on how much you want to control it. Of course, just maintaining a decent blog can get exhausting at times… But it’s yours. That’s huge.

        • It really is. I’m actually hiring a designer to do some lettering and some “blog landscaping” for me. And I’ll be able to use the space for business, which is a big step up.

  4. Steamy in a soft, romantic kind of way. Handled very nicely, leaving all the important things for the reader to fill in. 🙂

  5. Lovely moment you’ve captured here Amy. I like the tenderness between them and the way that they seem to truly love each other or at the very least care deeply for each other. You’ve depicted the love scene well. 🙂

    • They do love each other. The part of the scene I didn’t put there was them admitting that their relationship was a lot deeper than either of them had been willing to say.

  6. There has been way too much snow this winter. Let’s hope that storm was the last of it!

    Very sweet and simmering moment. Sounds like I’m talking about food, doesn’t it? I say simmering because there’s a bit of heat, but not to the level of “I need to fan myself, Nelly! Lawdy!” I think the “heat level” is perfect for the scene and the endearment in it.

  7. I’m basically echoing what others have already said here, but I really enjoyed how intimate this scene as well as sweet and charming. Some great balance work, there!

  8. A lovely, everyday, sustainable type of passion.

    Our oldest had such a knack for interrupting our efforts to be intimate with one another in his toddler years that I sometimes wonder how we ever managed to get pregnant again.

    Now, they’re 12 and 9. We can choose times when they’re occupied, and just say that we’re going into our room and locking the door. We never lock it unless we want real privacy, and, since neither of them really want to know what we’re up to, there aren’t many times when someone knocks…

    But, oh, yes – children in a family change things, and this feels like an interlude that embraces that reality.

    The one things I would look at in editing would be sensual detail – not the type that gives it all away, but the way his hand feels when he offers it, or the way the room smells, or the way the light hits skin..a few well-drawn touches might add emotional impact without that peeping tom effect…

    A sweetly spicy scene.

    And hooray on your next step! I will be buying Internet real estate myself, in the coming year or so…but I have a lot to learn, first!

    • Ha! I know what you mean about the “peeping tom” effect. Some writers have a knack for making me feel like I’m intruding rather than being part of their characters’ moments. LOL!

      That’s great feedback. I tend not to be a very emotive writer, which works well in some cases and not in others. I was going for just a glimpse here, but perhaps we need a little more of their senses to get a better picture.

      And yeah, kids change things so much. It’s a lot easier now that my own kids are 8 and 10.

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