WIPpet Wednesday: That Old-Time Religion

I nearly forgot about this. Good thing it’s still early in the day (not even 9:30am EST).  I’m still posting bits from this novel because I haven’t gotten my last chapter back from my beta readers yet, and there’s a ton of work to do getting this thing whipped into shape once it goes to the second round of readers.  Really, though, I’m just not ready to let it go.  Anyone else find that your characters become like extended family?  We’ve been together for so long that I’m reluctant to end that relationship.

Anyway, today you get 12 lines.  And my math is cool!  Today is the 12th, but if you add all the digits in today’s date, you get…12!  (Hey, I married a math teacher; what do you expect?)

Warnings for swearing.  When he’s not working, Phin’s got a mouth on him.  I think it’s in rebellion against his snooty upbringing.


By pham xuan nghi, via Wikimedia Commons


“You brought me to a fucking church?”

“You may wish to filter your language a little.” Alex looked sideways at Phin. “This is where I go on Sunday mornings.” He offered no further explanation. He got out of the car and stood next to it.

“You could’ve warned me. What if I were Jewish or something?”

“I know you’re not.”

With a sigh, Phin climbed out of the car. He didn’t want to be rude, but he didn’t want to go in, either. “I’m not really the church type.”

Alex shrugged. “You don’t have to come in.” He started walking.

Another challenge. Phin frowned and said, “No, I’ll go.” He followed Alex toward the building and quickly caught up. “God. I haven’t been to church in—what, fifteen years?”

“I promise, we don’t bite.” Alex tilted his head to the side. “You used to go to church?”

“My parents are Presbyterians, yeah.” Not that it made a goddamn bit of difference in their lives. “You’re Catholic?”

With a chuckle, Alex replied, “You’re joking, right? No. This is a Lutheran church.”

“Ah. Catholic lite.”

Alex swatted his arm. “Jerk.”


Wonder what Phin will think of his religious experience.  For the record, I do not think Lutherans are “Catholic lite.”  I happen to be Lutheran, and I’ve heard it before.  Repeatedly.  If you’re going to say something stupid to me, be warned it may appear in a future story. *evil grin*

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16 thoughts on “WIPpet Wednesday: That Old-Time Religion

  1. I love that these guys personalities really comes through in the dialog. I’m laughing at Phin “you could’ve warned me. What if I were Jewish or something, ” that comment is so relatable. 🙂

    • Yeah, there’s a bit of truth to that. A lot of our practices are the same, just without some of the very specific Catholic doctrine. Alex has ulterior motives here, and they aren’t exactly the fun kind. LOL!

  2. I never heard Catholic Lite — that got a chuckle. Love Phin’s reluctance and am totally feeling him right now. It’s interesting to see this other side of him, too.

    Now, um, back to the beginning of your post. *crosses arms* You almost “forgot” about WIPpet Wednesday?!!? Forgot? Expect a visit from the monkeys if this sort of behavior continues. 😉

  3. Having been raised both Catholic and then Episcopalian… and then married a Lutheran (Missouri Synod)… umm, so NOT Catholic-lite. But I can see how a non-church goer would make that mistake.

    Phin must really be on edge by now. 😀

    • Hahaha! Yep. He has no idea.

      Our family is Lutheran (ELCA) now, but I was evangelical Presbyterian before. Lutherans were usually lumped in with Catholics as being sort of…not “real” Christians. Obviously, I don’t believe that, but I heard it ALLLLLL the time. True story: at our current church, one of the women was describing having someone “witness” to her by asking if she’d “found Jesus.” My friend replied, “No, was he missing?”

  4. Lol, I love the dialogue! Though I get the feeling from Alex’s enigmatic “This is where I go…” remark that maybe this isn’t going to be a regular Sunday morning service…?

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