WIPpet Wednesday: Girl Talk

Happy Wednsday, everyone!  I’m linking up with another great WIPpet.  If you’d like to play along, just click this link or visit our host, K. L. Schwengel.

Speaking of that, I got to do a fun WIPpeteer interview! You can read it here.

In other exciting news, my penultimate (ok! I admit it! I like that word!) chapter is with my beta readers now.  Once I get the last chapter back, I have a few more beta readers lined up for round two, and then I get to decide what to do with it (publish it; duh).  I’m going to admit my complete, massive fear here because I’ve never published a whole book before.  Being able to say (in a very deep voice), “Why, yes, I am a published author” is a real possibility now.  **INSERT MASSIVE FREAK-OUT HERE**

Ahem.  On to my excerpt.  When we last left Phin, he was in the company of Gia on a whirlwind tour of the town.  Just what did those two kids get up to, you may be wondering.  Well, I’m not going to spell it out for you.  Just read the two lines (for the first WIPpet of the 2nd month) of dialogue between Dani and Gia and let your imagination fill in the rest.


“We came back here and messed around a little while we watched a movie. Oh, my god, Dani, guys my age are so selfish, but he kept asking if I liked what he was doing. Seriously, dudes need lessons from Phin on how to give good—”

“Gia!” Dani squeaked. She felt herself flush. “Stop. Too much information.”


Sounds like they had a, um, nice time there.  See you all next week!


14 thoughts on “WIPpet Wednesday: Girl Talk

  1. A very sneaky and teasing little WIPpet. I love the way Dani cuts in before the *ahem* juicy part! 😉 Very exciting that you’re so close to being a fully-fledged published author! Best of luck with the last round of beta reading. I haven’t read your WIPterview yet so will head over to My Random Muse now… 🙂

    • I can’t wait to finish! I’m such a perfectionist. I keep finding more things to “fix,” but I really need to stop and trust my betas now.

      • There will always be more things to fix. I re-read First of Her Kind before I sent Emergence off to the betas to make sure everything was in alignment. A year after publishing and I still wanted to tweak this, or fix that, or change….Argh! Nope. Done is done. Sort of. 😉

    • LOL! Yeah, I have friends like that to whom I have to just say, “Please! Stop!” I tend to think that Gia is intentionally oversharing because she knows it drives her friends bonkers. There’s a part later on where Phin is surprised to find that not only do the women know, but Alex knows what he and Gia were up to as well. Alex explains that Gia is like a teenage boy in a locker room but with more accuracy, and she treats Alex like one of her girlfriends because he’s gay. And, yes, I know women like that, too.

      • LOL – I love that it’s part of her character. And yes I have a friend who does that sort of information dump. It’s like being ambushed because before you know it, you’ve got some sort of unwanted visual in your head. At least Dani caught it in time!

  2. There is one friend I share those types of things with. We’ve known each other since High School, there isn’t too much between us that’s off limits. From anyone else…um..TMI! Well done.

  3. I think I like Gia too now. And I can see why Alex would have some interest in Phin now… if only to find out if the stories are true. 20 question time? 😀

  4. There may or may not be a poster just above me who knows the “score” of my entire repertoire…that poster may or may not have, directly or not, been the precipitator of some of those accounts. And also might know quite a bit more about my fantasy life than will ever appear in a WIPpet (not the pointy-ears thing – you ALL know that bit, by now!)..


    Gia remeinds me a little of a woman I worked with at the Grand Canyon. She was 30’s, maybe a bit older, and had hooked up with a sweet little 18 year old boy. We were bussers in a restaurant, and our prep station was against a partial wall, with an open doorway – and on the other side were guest tables.

    This woman would spend every free moment detailing their antics – and she was LOUD. None of us wanted to hear it – but the poor guests!

    I love these two lines. I’m happy Gia’s happy with Phin – but wish poor Dani could have gotten her shut up before her own comfort zone was exceeded.

    I don’t suppose the last bit was meant to be “back scratches”,was it? =)

  5. Hee, no kidding on letting imagination fill in the details! *g* I must admit, I don’t have any friends I share those kids of details with, or who share them with me. Wonder what I would do if I did. 🙂

    Fun excerpt with great interaction between the characters. 🙂

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