WIPpet Wednesday: To Ask a Question

It’s Wednesday again, and you know what that means!  Time for another little bit of my novel and an update on my progress.  If you want to join in the fun, link up here or pop over to K. L. Schwengel’s site and find the linky there.

I’m pretty excited because this novel has been in beta forever and the first draft is finally almost done!  There’s a chapter out now and three more to go.  Meanwhile, I’m trying to get back to writing short/flash fiction for this blog, and I have an old NaNoWriMo novel that I can play around with to improve its quality.  I’m also working my way through my 2014 reading list–my goal is to read only novels that are from authors I’ve never read before.  I have two in my queue and one more I want to buy, two of which are self-published.  I’m aiming for a dozen new books this year…we’ll see how that goes!  Obviously, I’m looking for 9 more, so if you have a novel out and you want to plug it, feel free to do so in the comments.

Now for my WIP.  When we last left Phin, he was about to get down with Gia and the old folks.  Today, he seems to have other ideas about what he and Gia might do for some…er…extracurricular fun.  That is, if he isn’t already smitten with someone else (or maybe even if he is).  My WIPpet math: (29-1)/14=2, so 2 paragraphs from the next section.


He would take her home and walk her to her door, where she might coyly suggest he come in for a bit. They would pretend to watch a movie while they made out on her couch. They wouldn’t have sex; she wouldn’t want to, and he wouldn’t pressure her. But she wouldn’t turn him down if he offered her pleasure with his hands and his mouth. She might be willing to return the favor. The thought made him stir a little; it had been too long since he’d enjoyed mutual stimulation. When they were through, they would finish the movie, half watching, leaning against each other. In the quiet place after orgasm, if he asked the right questions and offered her just enough to draw it out, he might be able to find out who knew about his father’s company and how much information they had.

They reached the bottom of the hill and Gia turned to him expectantly. All it would take was a few simple words, but they stuck in Phin’s throat. Even studying her lovely face and her open, warm hazel eyes, he was torn. He knew that she understood this wasn’t permanent—just two people, crossing paths. He also knew that it was just a job. But something nagged a little; something made him hesitate. For the first time, he wasn’t sure he wanted to resort to his old methods. A memory of the night before, of Alex offering a tentative genuine smile, came unbidden. He didn’t want to entertain thoughts about what it would take to court Alex’s trust the way he had already started to with the women because if he did, he was afraid he might want it to mean more than a business transaction. Heading down that path was far too painful.


And there you have it.  That’s certainly one way to get information out of someone.  Hey, I never said Phin was the most scrupulous person.  Happy Wednesday, everyone!


15 thoughts on “WIPpet Wednesday: To Ask a Question

  1. Phew! Phin has a vivid imagination! I really like the way he’s thinking seduction is going to get him information but then seems to have a change of heart. Very interesting.

    Most of the novels on my Kindle at the moment are from self-published authors I’ve never read before – there’s a lot of talent and good stories out there. Oh, and I’m always happy to plug my own book… 😉 a contemporary women’s fiction novel called The Butterfly Storm.

    • 🙂 Yours is on my Kindle waiting for me. I need to finish my January read first…uh, oh–only a couple more days to get it done! LOL

      Yes, Phin is used to using manipulation of all kinds to get his way. But he’s on unsure footing because Alex is, um, an old acquaintance, shall we say. Running into him has thrown Phin a bit and made him question himself.

      • Did I know that already? My brain’s all fuzzy at the moment! Thank you for downloading it and I hope you enjoy it after finishing your January read! 🙂

        As for Phin questioning himself that sounds like it could make for interesting reading, as does a bit of manipulation.

        • How dare you not know the name of every person who downloaded your book! LOL–just kidding. I finished the other one and started it this afternoon, so I’m only at the very beginning. Good so far, though! 🙂

  2. Oh, liking Phin even more (well, maybe not ‘liking’ but loving the levels of his character). You definitely have some nifty layers of story going on here, Amy.

  3. Nice! Great excerpt for insight into Phin’s character — and indicating a possible change in character in the future, with his doubts about using his old methods. Haven’t read enough of this yet to know really what’s going on, but it definitely makes me curious.

  4. I love the insight, the descriptions, the depth of character. Fanned myself a little bit, to be sure, but had to smile at his hesitation. I want to know what he’ll choose to do!

  5. See, now this made me start to think I’m not going to like Phin as much as I want to. I mean, I’m all about the bad boys. Manipulators, though…hmm. I’ll withhold judgement for now. Very well written scene, though.

    • Yeah, this is new for him…he’s always just used his, um, skills to make sales. This is different. But he may not be the only one with an agenda. 🙂

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