Taboo, Part 2

Part 2 of the series inspired by this cartoonYou can read Part 1 here.

Warning: Both the post and the cartoon are NSFW.


Terrie arrived home to find the house lit from end to end with candles, a stick of cherry blossom incense burning on the mantle, and a magnificent dinner on the dining room table. She smiled. Bill certainly knew how to make a birthday feel special. She dropped her purse by the door and stepped into the kitchen.

Bill was just pouring the wine. He turned around to smile at Terrie. “Happy birthday, honey,” he said. He set the wine bottle on the counter and crossed the room to wrap her in his arms.

Grinning, Terrie said, “Thank you. This is perfect.” She kissed him, first on the cheek and then on the mouth. Their embrace threatened to extend long enough for dinner to get cold, so they reluctantly separated.

They relaxed as they dined, sharing about everything and nothing—not much different from any other night, really, though the conversation was muted somewhat by the romantic atmosphere. Terrie could hardly wait to finish up and retire to the bedroom. She knew Bill had something planned there, too; it was his style to make her birthday feel wonderful in every way.

When they were finished at last and the table cleared, Bill led Terrie into their room. The hearts and flowers extended there, too: a bouquet of roses on the night stand and everything laid out for a massage. Terrie smiled.

“Oh, this is amazing,” she breathed. “You sure know how to spoil me.”

“Nah. I know how to spoil us.” He put his hands on her shoulders and gently rubbed. “I have another surprise.”

“Really?” She knew it wasn’t her present—Bill had already given that to her in the form of concert tickets for the end of the month. She wondered what it could be.

Bill stepped away from her and rummaged around in a drawer, finally producing a long, thin box. There were hearts and a smiling couple on the front. Terrie wrinkled her nose.

“What on earth is that?”

“It’s a game,” Bill replied. “For couples.” He gave her a mischievous look.

“Oh,” Terrie said, catching on. “Hm, that could be fun.” She sat gently on the bed so she wouldn’t disturb anything.

Bill opened the box and drew out the contents: a timer, a deck of cards, and, for some strange reason, a buzzer. Terrie bit back a giggle. After handing Terrie the other items, Bill pulled the plastic wrap from the cards. Once they were open, he took one from the top.

“Yes?” he asked, passing Terrie the card.

She read it. “Sure. But what are we supposed to do with these? I don’t see any rules for playing a game. It might as well just be like those ‘lovers decks’ with the suggestion cards.”

“Well, I think that’s more or less what it is. I have no idea what you do with the other things. Probably for if you want to have a time limit or something. Maybe the buzzer is if one person thinks it’s getting too kinky.”

“Got it.” Terrie set the card down and picked another one from the middle of the deck. She read it and gave it to Bill. “I like this one even better.”

He grinned at her. “You’re the birthday girl. Anything you want, you can have.”

He pushed the other things on the bed aside and sat next to Terrie. They kissed and undressed slowly, and Terrie delighted in her husband’s gentle explorations. In no time they were tangled in each other, enjoying every moment.

Until the buzzer sounded.

“What the hell?” Terrie sat bolt upright, her heart pounding. That thing was scary.

Bill frowned. “I don’t know.” He grabbed the buzzer. “Sheesh. I didn’t realize it came with the batteries already installed.” Shrugging, he tossed it aside. “Hopefully that was just a glitch.”

It took a few minutes to catch up to where they had been, but eventually, Terrie relaxed and began to enjoy herself again. Bill poured out some of the massage oil and ran his hands over Terrie’s skin, making her shiver with pleasure.


This time, Terrie had to hold back a yell of frustration. “Please turn that thing off,” she begged.

Bill flipped the buzzer over, but there wasn’t a switch. “I don’t know how.”

“Well, then, just put the stuff back in the box. We’re not really using it anyway. Where did you say you got that game?”

“One of the pastors brought it back from that marriage and family counseling conference last week. Had a whole bunch of them—said they were giving them away at the conference.”

“I should have known.” Terrie rolled her eyes. “Well, at least we didn’t have to pay for it.”

While she was talking, Bill packed up the box and shoved it back in the drawer. “I’ll get rid of it tomorrow.”

“Good. Now, where were we?” She pulled Bill back onto the bed. “Ah, yes. I think you were going to give me a massage followed by, hopefully, a spectacular—”

She didn’t finish that sentence because suddenly, her lips were far too busy as Bill kissed her passionately. Both of them ended up so lost in each other that they didn’t even hear the buzzer wailing at them from inside the drawer.


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