The Royal Family of Hell: Episode 2, Meet the Parents

This is the second part in the continuing saga of Disharmonia. Click here to read part one.  How will Lucifer react now that he’s conscious again?  And what will happen to Disharmonia’s lover when her sisters get hold of him?

“Well, for whatever it’s worth, God doesn’t like it either.” Disharmonia faced her father with her arms crossed over her chest and her lower lip protruding defiantly.

Lucifer growled in frustration and turned his back to Disharmonia. Once he had sufficiently recovered from his…impromptu rest, he had pulled Disharmonia into an inner chamber to have a word with her. He had left her detestable excuse of a finance under the watchful eyes of the rest of his family. That was probably awkward, but Lucifer couldn’t be bothered to care at the moment. He was too busy trying to decide on the best way to shame his daughter into properly evil submission.

He spun around to face Disharmonia. “You are a demon. You are supposed to be wreaking havoc among the humans. You were assigned to cause human women to feel woefully inadequate. Your sisters created the perfect diet plan—it would have reached epic obsession in record time, giving us years of enjoyment at their expense. Because you were apparently too busy fooling around with the enemy, your brother had to take over your duties by causing men to lust after idealized versions of women. Your sisters implemented their plan, but it didn’t work nearly as well when one of the humans—a Doctor Pez or some such—rolled it out on his television show. Now women everywhere think he’s just a quack and the diet plan is a conspiracy theory. This is entirely unacceptable!” Lucifer glared at his daughter, gratified that she appeared to be melting under his gaze.

For a moment, Disharmonia stared at the ground, giving the impression of being abashed. When she raised her face, however, her eyes were ablaze. “I never liked tormenting the humans. You know that.”

Lucifer sighed. He knew that was true. Disharmonia had never delighted in in causing mayhem—not even among her fellow demons. He wouldn’t have admitted it even to his wife, but his fondest memory of their youngest demonling was making a volcano-flower bloom for her and watching her joy blossom in time with the fiery petals. Disharmonia hardly lived up to her name; she was among the most gentle of the inhabitants of Hell.

“I know,” he said at last.

Disharmonia continued, “I love it here. I love the heat and the flames, and I love being a princess. But I don’t want to be on active human duty.”

Lucifer frowned. “Are you saying that your relationship”—he spat the word—“with that—that thing was a ploy to get out of your responsibilities?”


He had overstepped; Disharmonia’s expression, which had relaxed at her father’s concession, hardened again. Lucifer wished he could take back his words, but there was nothing to be done except press on. “Then tell me. Tell me why you went against everything we stand for and brought him here.”

She wavered for a moment; her eyes brimmed with tears. “Daddy, I love him.” She covered her mouth with her hand.

That was it, then. If Disharmonia was in love, there was nothing Lucifer—or any of the others—could say or do to sway her. It would have been one thing if she’d said it was lust; that could have been dealt with swiftly and easily. Lilith still held sway over desires of the flesh. But love? Not one of them had any jurisdiction— that belonged entirely to the other side. Lucifer was at a loss.

He breathed in deeply and turned around again. He didn’t want Disharmonia to see his face. He closed his eyes, willing away the pain washing over him. “You leave me no choice, Disharmonia. At minimum, I must punish you. You will be put up for trial, and I think we both know what the outcome will be.”

“Daddy, no!” she screamed. “Isn’t there anything you can do? You’re the one with all the power!”

Gaining control of himself, Lucifer glanced over his shoulder at Disharmonia. “What kind of example would that set?” He faced forward and strode to the door. He exited the room, closing the door on the sobs of his youngest daughter.

>:)  (:<

While Lucifer was with Disharmonia, the rest of the family was left to entertain their unexpected guest. Lilith motioned to the angel to sit. He folded his wings delicately and perched on the edge of his seat. He looked distinctly uncomfortable, which pleased Lilith no end. It was a rare treat to have one of the Heavenly Host in her abode. They were typically too busy appearing to foolish mortals to announce something she was sure they’d have figured out eventually anyway. At least, they would if her husband’s minions weren’t constantly interfering.

“So,” purred Dissentia, “what’s your name?” She leaned toward him, extending her ample bosom so that it nearly touched his arm. She smirked when he shrank back slightly.

“Um…um…Neriel,” he replied. He pressed his palms against his knees and squeezed. If he’d had any blood in his veins, his knuckles would have turned white from the pressure.

Her wicked smile still fixed in place, Dissentia leaned forward slightly and trailed her fingers up Neriel’s arm. “I see why my sister likes you. You are very attractive.” Her face was now inches from his and her lips brushed the shell of his ear.

Without warning, Dissentia pitched forward. Her cry of surprise was muffled in Neriel’s sleeve as she face-planted into his shoulder. She pushed herself up and glared around. “Who did that?”

Disruptia stood over them, her arms crossed and her foot tapping. “You were hogging. It’s someone else’s turn to play with Disharmonia’s shiny new toy.”

Dissentia huffed and backed away a few paces. Disruptia made to sit in Neriel’s lap, but before she had the chance to flirt, the inner door reopened and Lucifer stormed out.

Lilith followed her husband with her eyes. He was in one of his moods, and there was nothing she could do to help. It was obvious that his talk with Disharmonia had not gone well. Lucifer didn’t even pause to say good bye to the family; he continued through the outer door. Lilith debated whether or not to follow him and decided against it. Under ordinary circumstances she would have loved to allow her daughters to have their fun, but she needed to smooth things over with Disharmonia. Giving the others free reign was not an option at the moment.

She stepped around Dissentia and Disruptia, ignoring their protests. “Get up,” Lilith said to Neriel. When he obliged, she continued, “Go inside the inner chamber. I will be in momentarily.”

Neriel didn’t hesitate. He walked as quickly as he deemed polite and disappeared through the inner door. When the door was shut, Lilith rounded on her other daughters.

“What the glory do you think you’re doing?” she hissed.

“We were just having fun, Mother.” Dissentia applied her most superior tone. “You can’t tell me you’re happy about this.”

“Of course not. But you know the rules. Disharmonia chose him, and he’s off-limits until this thing is sorted out. I’m going to speak to Disharmonia—the rest of you are free to leave.” That was not a polite request, and they all knew it.

One by one Disharmonia’s siblings left the room. Lilith opened the door to the inner chamber. She had to take several deep breaths in order to remain calm at the sight that greeted her. Neriel had his arms and his wings around Disharmonia, and she had her face buried against his chest. Lilith took comfort in the fact that at least they were not locked in a passionate embrace. On second thought, she decided that might have been better. Uncontrollable lust was easily remedied; whatever this thing was didn’t have nearly such an easy fix.

Lilith cleared her throat, and Neriel and Disharmonia broke apart. “Well?” Lilith asked.

Disharmonia’s face crumpled. “Daddy’s insisting on a trial.”

“What?” Lilith sucked in her breath. “Of all the—” This was the worst possible scenario. She frowned. If that was how he wanted to roll, then so be it. Two could play at that game. Lilith stood facing her daughter, hands on her hips. She narrowed her eyes. “You know I don’t agree with your…lifestyle choice. But there is no way I am going to let your father take such drastic measures.” She glanced from Disharmonia to Neriel. “I have a plan,” she told them. “It requires backup, however. Neriel, I’m going to need your help.”

The angel appeared surprised by this. “Anything,” he said, looking down at Disharmonia. “I will do anything if it helps Disharmonia.”

“I suspected you might. Now, here’s what I need you to do…”

©April 5, 2013 ABMitchell

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